Thursday, June 9, 2011

In Love with a Laundry Room!

I have a disorganized walk-thru laundry room with mismatched appliances, plywood floors and no doors.  It's on our lengthy DIY to-do list.  So, when I see a laundry room makeover, especially a beautiful modern country inspired beauty like the one from Hydrangea Home, I daydream about one day (soon) having one of these...

I love every detail:

  • custom cabinets in a pretty grey
  • drop cloth counter-skirts hiding laundry baskets
  • a window beautifully framed with a simple yet pretty window treatment (no sew!)
  • a matching washer/dryer!
  • pretty decorative touches
  • a sink!
  • a calm/peaceful atmosphere

Everything in it's place.  Even the ironing board looks decorative - and handy!

Patio door painted a light robin's egg blue. Love the dog food pail and mail center/calendar.  Plenty of storage, shelving and a beautiful counter. 

Want to see more and get the details?  I'm inspired and see a few details I'd love to include in our laundry room makeover (bring it on!)  For all of the specifics (and MORE home decorating eye-candy), be sure to visit Dawn at 

Hydrangea Home by Dawn\

Thanks for sharing, Dawn - beautiful, stunning laundry room transformation!  What an inspiration!  

Now excuse me while I go browse her awesome etsy shop.  :)