Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Meet:  Susan from HomeRoad.  She has a passion for decorating and re-decorating (me too!).  I love her style and creativity. 
Here are a few of her awesome DIY projects:


Gorgeous after - not "Ikea" looking anymore!
Love the new design, see that beautiful stamped top? So pretty!

FirePit Tutorial...great tips!

Susan's Decorating Label  and junk creations (other fabulous labels to browse too) have so many pretty decorating and DIY ideas.  Her style is so much like my own that I couldn't stop looking through every single post! A few (or more...I can't help it!) of my favorite HomeRoad projects:

I'd re-post her whole blog if I keep it up!  Check out 

for yourself to see some amazing DIY and decorating eye candy.
Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring creativity, Susan!