Friday, June 24, 2011

Mod Vintage Life - Inexpensive, easy, DIY Back splash Makeover

Sometimes the best DIY ideas happen when there is no budget.  It doesn't mean we can't get creative.  Change can happen.  I've painted a bathroom floor just to improve the look until there's money in the budget for a renovation.  The result was better than expected and we love it!  Who would have guessed?

Or...what if tile back splash demo isn't an option?

I love this easy, inexpensive DIY idea (it's NOT paint!) from Nita at 
Mod Vintage Life
(LOVE her button...wagging doxie tails are adorable!)

Nita has a beautiful dreamy kitchen (see the before here)...

but the back splash was a little too busy for her taste.  

A little DIY ingenuity and here is her back splash now:

How did she do it for $20?! Visit Mod Vintage Life to find out the details and to see more inspiring kitchen pictures.  :)

Great job, Nita!  Wow!  I loved your kitchen before but I really like your easy, creative fix - super way to get the look you want when it's not in the budget to change out the tile or a clever option when demo isn't an option!