Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Cottage Charm Laundry Room Before and After

Missy from My Cottage Charm revealed her laundry room makeover.  I had to laugh when we were "talking" and she said "I swear I could totally sleep in that room!  I go stand in the doorway and just stare at weird am I?!"  Because - it's not weird to me at all!  Every time I finish a room (okay, sometimes even when I just rearrange a room), I could sleep there and stare at it all day. In fact, I've been staring at Missy's laundry room all day.  How weird am I

Don't answer that!  Prepare to be weird along with us: 

Laundry room before...boring. 
Unorganized. Cluttered. 
Wait! That describes my laundry room!
messy laundry room..just keepin' it real!

The BIG reveal...
Laundry room decorating ideas

Oh-la-la! Très étonnante! Same room? Yes. I saw it all with my own two blog-reading eyes. Budget friendly too: DIY floor, DIY board and batten, DIY Goodwill dresser and Habitat Restore cabinets.  DIY decorating, accents and art.  Missy, I know it took a long time, but it was well worth all of your hard work and patience.  It's stunning!

I want this room!
how to decorate a laundry room
Visit Missy to see the entire transformation and all of the amazing details (and an upcoming giveaway) at 
My Cottage Charm

Another laundry room makeover coming up this week!  (No...not mine. Unfortunately.  Boo hoo!  ::sniff sniff::)