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How To Choose A Tiled Kitchen Backsplash

How To Choose A Tiled Kitchen Backsplash

How To Choose A Tiled Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen is more than likely the main part of the house that we spend our time in these days, and thats more than likely not just for cooking and cleaning. It is no longer a place where we just cook and go. The kitchen is seen and a premium area of the house nowadays, so its has become more important that it looks rather stylish as people dont just want to feel good about their food they want to feel good about where they are preparing it. Thats why many are opting to modernise their kitchen by having a nice shiny kitchen backsplash installed or fitting one themselves.

Pebble tile with tiled backsplashes kitchen kitchen pictures

Maybe you already have a pretty good looking kitchen but you are getting tired of your current design. Your kitchen might be missing something so maybe is it time to really change how the kitchen looks. Backsplashes can really complement the kitchen, so maybe you need to consider some of the following simple backsplashes ideas for the kitchen that can help lighten and brighten your kitchen.

How to Tile a Backsplash

There are some definite ideas that you need to consider in creating your backsplash designs. Start with a strong theme and move forward from there. Decide on a color scheme to be used and then move on to the other elements planned. Your choice of materials and texture is really important, with use of imagination being the secret to success in choice of the perfect design.

Choose your glass tile kitchen backsplash ideas keeping in mind that

When choosing or designing your new backsplash you have the choice of so many differing styles colours and materials. You can consider a mural on your backsplash tiles. For example you could get an artist to create your own kitchen backsplash design by custom hand painting you a mural on ceramic tiles by hand to order. They will usually be able to do this in any pattern, style, theme or colour. Or maybe you can get a picture printed onto individual tiles that then make one glorious picture when the tiles are stuck up on the wall.

news Thanks to choose kitchen backsplash Designs How to Design a Tile Kitchen Backsplash

You should also study the colors of your current kitchen accessories or consider the purchase of new items in the kitchen before you make your choice, otherwise it might not work. Backsplashes can be very bold if thats your style or they can be extremely plain and simple.

subway tile in kitchen backsplash

The backsplash area is possible the busiest and hardest working place in your kitchen, that is likely to acquire food stains from all the various kitchen activities. So its definitely a place that could do with sprucing up and making less functional. So redesign your kitchen backsplash to bring together the entire kitchens kitchens design. Add a new sense of character and flair to bring your old drab kitchen space into the trends of today and turn that very standard and function area into the main centre stage for your kitchen. You may just want to update your kitchen backsplash to make your kitchen look shiny bright and new.

ceramic tile backsplash in your kitchen or

Take the time and effort create a beautiful kitchen backsplash for your kitchen and you will be well rewarded. Your imagination is your first tool for designing an new lok for you kitchen so make the most of it. With so many choices of designs its amazing what you will be able to think of for your backsplash.

Learn how to choose a kitchen tile backsplash

Materials to choose from for your modern design for your backsplash range from glass, ceramics, metal, steel, tin or other such materials. Sometimes people choose themes when embarking on a design for a backsplash and when bouncing around ideas, choosing colors and looks. Accompany these with some clever designs and you can create a backsplash that really stands out.

Kitchen Update: Add a Glass Tile Backsplash. Adding a high-end glass

Traditional backsplashes can be made from marble, or unusual materials for today such as earth colored chipped tiles which would give a more traditional look in the kitchen. These are the little touches that make all the difference.

Tuscan tile beautiful picture of kitchen backsplash How To Choose A Tiled Kitchen Backsplash

Remodel Kitchens

Glass Tile Backsplash Ideas

How To Choose A Tiled Kitchen Backsplash

Simply Klassic Little Girl's Room Makeover

Meet:  Kristin from
A Simply Klassic Home

Kristin's header tells you that she's learning to define her style on a budget and her latest project is the amazing result of her creativity and $200.  

Beautiful dresser makeover!  

After some sanding, paint, distressing and beautiful raggy fabric handles....

Finishing touches include a lovely print from her etsy shop and a little lamp dressing up in same pretty fabric as the handles...

Night stand before


See all of the details in her original posts below including before/after and cost breakdown:

Wow, Kristin!  You're the queen of budget makeovers! Her entire room and all of the details are just so adorable!  Great job!

You can see more beautiful DIY + decorating at 

Here's a sneak peek at a few of my favorite posts:

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My Latest Thrifty Finds

I hit the thrift store at least once a week and need to catch up sharing my finds (maybe include a fashion label too since a lot of my clothes seem to come from there lately too).  Here are a few of the treasures I found with more to be posted in the near future.

I couldn't pass up these chairs.  They're going in a guest bedroom once we start the makeover there but since that room is currently my craft room/office, they're sitting in this space for now.  I had to make it look nice in the meantime. (And I'm collecting plates to fill in and add color to the plate wall.)
chairs $25 each
The chairs will get a DIY makeover in the near future.

Lamp is also a thrift store score...
lamp $2.99
This tiny wall in the kitchen is the perfect spot for this mirror. Ggreat to catch a quick look before heading out the door...picture is taken at an angle so my reflection isn't in there.  I wasn't dressed to share. 
mirror 6.99
I love this Pennsylvania card from a box of US State cards.  Looks so cute in my reclaimed frame.
box of state cards .59
The bird statue on the left is for the guest room makeover too...
peacock .99
Have you shared thrifty treasures lately?  Link up your post below!  Show and tell! (Thrifty Finds Only Please.)

DIY Glory Story

Blog:  The Glorious Pile.

My Photo
I’m a graphic designer, instructor and a packrat, just like my grandma. I have hoarding tendencies but I love pretty things, good design and the simple life. This blog is a journal of the everyday things that inspire me and the 80 year old pile of bricks I call home. While you're dreaming, take time to appreciate what's around you. 
Glorious Reminder:  While your dreaming, take time to appreciate what's around you. 
Bathroom Makeover
Yikes! to Wow!
Collecting pieces and accents for 7 years is dedication but the beautiful result is well worth the wait. 
The details, colors and vintage vibe make me sigh.  LOVE!
See the before, the demo, the progress, beautiful details and inspiration at DONE!
There's lots more DIY where that came from.  Here are a few more amazing projects...
Ugly Duckling to Swan Chairs
oh no!oh yes!
Lovely designer looking room too!
Garage Door Makeover
after - beautiful! (I'd give anything for a garage. Period. The doors? Icing!)
Pop over, say hello! I KNOW she'd love to hear from you!  Blog buddy support and encouragement means so much!  Making new blog friends is so much fun!
The Glorious Pile

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Meet:  Susan from HomeRoad.  She has a passion for decorating and re-decorating (me too!).  I love her style and creativity. 
Here are a few of her awesome DIY projects:


Gorgeous after - not "Ikea" looking anymore!
Love the new design, see that beautiful stamped top? So pretty!

FirePit Tutorial...great tips!

Susan's Decorating Label  and junk creations (other fabulous labels to browse too) have so many pretty decorating and DIY ideas.  Her style is so much like my own that I couldn't stop looking through every single post! A few (or more...I can't help it!) of my favorite HomeRoad projects:

I'd re-post her whole blog if I keep it up!  Check out 

for yourself to see some amazing DIY and decorating eye candy.
Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring creativity, Susan!