Friday, April 30, 2010

Chic Furniture Collection

Love the look and feel of leather? Then try the new Bellows collection designed by Toan Nguyen on for size. This chic furniture collection by Walter Knoll boasts an elegant look and a luxurious feel that raises the bar on your home decor. The Bellows Dining Table echoes that same style in its base, topped by a delicate, round glass tabletop, made for socializing and enjoying.

Recaptured Charm - Kitchen Makeover

Okay, these kitchen makeovers are just what I need (if you have one - email me!). This gorgeous transformation by Lisa at Recaptured Charm is beautiful. One thing I love about remodeling is the details and Lisa's kitchen is full of "charm". The cabinets, the cabinet hardware, the island, the beadboard, the stools and that window treatment! I am so inspired. Remember - I have one really ugly kitchen in desperate need of DIY surgery. Here is Lisa's post with her amazing pictures. I am in love! (For the record, I'd even take her "before" picture. Head over to her blog to see more!)

Finally! The Reveal
I had to look back at my very first Kitchen Chronicles post to figure out when it all started…. January 20th. Wow, it really has been a long time. But it was all worth it.

Before we begin, I have to give my sincerest thanks to Mr. Charming for all his hard work. Day after day, weekend after weekend of hard work and determination. I can’t thank him enough.

Another very important thank you goes out to my mother, who was here helping out every weekend. From getting down and dirty with the construction to doing laundry and supplying us with muffins and home cooked meals, it was all a huge help and very much appreciated. Thanks Mom!

So now………………. come on in, and take a closer look.
kitchen after makeover 026
kitchen after makeover 008

kitchen after makeover 009
kitchen after makeover 012
kitchen after makeover 020
kitchen after makeover 021
kitchen after makeover 022
kitchen after makeover 024
kitchen after makeover 028
kitchen after makeover 030
A couple of ‘before’ reminders.
For a look back, follow the Kitchen Chronicles from start to finish starting here!
kitchen pre appliances 010 kitchen pre appliances 009

Oh, and a shout out to my kids who came home when the kitchen looked like this and asked, “hey Mom, what’s for dinner ?” Thanks kids! Ya knows I loves ya!
kitchen demo 032

Lisa - it is BEAUTIFUL! That's all I can say. Otherwise, I'm speechless (and jealous). Thank you so much for sharing.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kitchen Makeover

I never get tired of seeing cabinets painted white. It's so refreshing. I love the way it transforms a dark dated space into a light brand new space. Nicole from The Two Savvy Sisters is a newer blogger and already she has so much DIY project inspiration! Here are the before and after photos of her kitchen:

Kitchen Cabinets Makeover

YAY! Our kitchen redo is almost over!!! My favorite part of the redo was painting the cabinets white. If I must I will show you a before picture of the kitchen :)


we started the makeover by taking all of the cabinet doors off and sanding down every single part of the cabinets. We then started to prime all of the cabinets. Once the primer dryed we started with our SUPER white paint. We put two coats on all of the cabinets. I had a blast painting the doors late at night while I watched my soap All My Children...I heart TIVO!!


Once the painting was finally done YES!! we put all the knobs and handles on the doors and oohhh la la Our brand new kitchen cabinets are finally done :) it only took us two months!

All that is left to add to our new kitchen is the butcher block counter tops that I want soooo bad...hopefully soon!!!

Head over, introduce yourself and check out her other projects.

The Two Savvy Sisters

Here is a sneak peek of another one of my favorites:

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Stance Faucet Collection

This elegant bathroom faucet by bathroom guru Kohler is contemporary design defined. Inspired by technology, the stylish Stance faucet collection is going the way of phones, flat-screen televisions and ultra-thin computers with its slim and sleek lines
. Perfect right angles and hard edges make a bold statement, while the polished chrome (also available in a softer brushed nickel) finish brings just enough bling to your modern bathrooms and powder rooms. The collection includes single-lever lavatory faucets, wall-mounted and deck-mounted bath faucets, and shower fixtures and trim. Modern style is at your fingertips!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stylish Modern Beds

These companies offer premium quality beds with unique and stylish design. They are available in different finishes from wenge or white oak for the skin. Some models
can be combined with functional storage systems. More information about the bed all you can find on the site Prealpi. At this location was most interesting. To make the bed all the more practical you can choose models with rotating mechanism. Beds with built-in lights can also help you to create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom awesome. round like a bed you can find among the products of Prealpi. Round beds are very stylish contemporary bed type. unusual shapes attract attention and make the beds are very perfect and very original elements of each room. Although to find a place to sleep as long as you have to have a room big enough for it to be placed in the middle of the room.

Modern Glass Table

Basis of the original charm and an impressive statue. Has the form of waves, which gives a special dynamic and lightweight. Harmonious combination of a white base curved
, organic glass straight up looked very beautiful. A beautiful coffee table can easily enrich and embellish the room. Right table can also add a touch of style and can help to personalize the room. Stingay by Dreanert perfectly adapted to modern design. Apart from the fact that coffee table is not an essential element of interior design, we can see them in almost any family room.

Modern Cat Furniture

This furniture equipped with cushions, colorful machine washable and suitable for tumble drying. If you are interested in modern cat furniture, or even want to buy a cat bed Rondo then you can visit the and find all necessary information. Rondo fits as comfortably
as an act of rest and can be used even for very large and heavy cat. This cat bed can be covered by leather, wicker goods, felt and crochet. All of them look very good and can even decorate a room’s interior design. The most interesting collection  is named Rondo and consists of a good cat beds are available in wall mounted and free-standing version. The second type is more practical because it can be moved and do not need to damage the wall. For people who have cats and want to make their life very pleasant designer Christel & Otto Meyer offers modern furniture cat adapt to all styles of interior design.

Modern Pendant Lighting

There’s more to popular bathroom brand Kohler than faucets and fixtures! This modern pendant lighting collection is clean and contemporary, appropriately named
"Purist". These columns of light create a warm glow in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway or bedroom. Each lighting fixture features one or three bulbs which flare at the end – keep it simple with a single bulb or group them together for a stunning art-installation effect. A base of polished or brushed chrome and nickel offer two different looks to suit your specific style.

Easy To Install Wine Racks

Vynebar is a trendy and sophisticated solution to store wine. It not only have very simple shape but also is very easy to install. It could be mounted under a kitchen cabinet

or on any other wall at your kitchen, dining and living areas. The wine rack remove clutter, display your specially selected vintages and gives an easy access to them. The Vynebar comes in two sizes, to hold 4 or 8 bottles, and have 8 anodized metal colors to choose from. These anodized colors are not paint or powder-coat, they are a chemical bath that colorizes the metal itself leaving you with a permanent finish that will not chip off or fade over time. If you’re one of those geeks who’ve got interested in wine thanks to all these shows, like Gary Vaynerchuck’s one, and cares about home decor then the Vynebar might be a cool addition to it.

Easy Outdoor Shower Tutorial

Karol from Home Sweet Home Inspiration is sharing an awesome idea for an outdoor shower. She makes it look so easy, especially since it's hooked up to a garden hose. I love it! Here is her post:

Outside Shower DIY "How-To"

Here's a quick step by step how-to for putting up your own shower. No plumber, electrician, handy-man, or building inspector needed. Just a list of things you'll need to get, a couple of tools, a few tips I'll share and about an hour of your time to put it all together.

Showers like these can be installed right outside your mudroom entrance (if you are lucky to have a mudroom) or on your porch, or wherever you want to rinse off before going inside. Near an outside water spigot is ideal since this how-to is for hooking your garden hose to it.

Below is a list of parts you will need. I went to Lowe's and purchased everything I needed. The person in the plumbing department helped me find every single part I needed and even showed me how to piece them all together. I wish I had written down her name. Next time I am there I am going to thank her for being so helpful.

A few things I want to specify.

  • I wanted my shower to be all metal/silver colored. But you can use pvc pipe or there's even a black pipe and if you want to get really fancy, copper! You can get all the fittings, shower head and lever to match. Can you imagine all black or all copper on certain homes? ...gorgeous!
  • You can use whatever type of shower head you would like. I wanted the rain shower type, but you can use a regular one or even a handheld one -which might come in handy for rinsing things off or even washing a dog.
  • There are different types of valves you can use, too. I wanted the pull chain kind because I wanted to be able to leave my water hose on and have the shower work whenever we pulled the lever. And I didn't want it to accidentally get left on so the pull-chain type valve works great because it shuts off when you let go of the chain. But you can also get the kind that you turn on and then turn off. Again, it's up to personal preference and needs.
  • The two most expensive parts are the shower head and lever/valve. If you can, shop around for the best deal on those. Everything else is very inexpensive.
  • Ok, now on to the supply list.

Things you will need:

  • (2) 1/2 inch in diameter sections of pipe. -two sections because the water valve goes in between so decided how tall you want your shower to be. I bought (2) 31" sections (the ends are already pre-threaded).
  • (2) 90° -1/2 inch pipe elbows
  • (1) 1/2 inch pipe coupling
  • (1) 1/2 inch brass hose bib
  • (1) 1/2 inch x 3 inch pipe nipple (a pipe nipple is just a short section of pipe with threads at both ends...just like the large pieces of pipe listed above)
  • (1) 1/2 inch x 6 inch pipe nipple (this is the section of pipe that determines how far out from the wall the shower head will be so choose the length you prefer).
  • (4) 1/2 inch 2-hole pipe straps
  • Exterior stainless wood screws (if attaching to wood, which is most likely)
  • Thread seal tape

  • Wrench (for tightening pipes together, but thread seal tape also helps assure a good seal)
  • Screwdriver to attach pipe straps to wall or post or whatever you are attaching your shower to. (preferably an electric or cordless drill or screwdriver which required less "elbow grease").

Below I will explain how to put everything together (with pictures). I started at the bottom since the shower head should go on last (easier to handle and work with without shower head on).

  • First let's put the seal tape on the pipe threads. Wherever there are threads, apply some seal tape. Seal tape is not really tape but a super thin plastic strip that is stretchy and clings as you wrap it around the pipe threads. Wrap around a few times. This seals the pipes and fittings together better so there are no leaks. (Above) is what it should look like after you put seal tape on pipe thread (sorry for blurry pic).

  • Next, let's put some parts together. Attach the water valve to the bottom pipe. Turn as hard as you can to assure a tight seal. You can even use a wrench if needed. *If using a pull-chain valve, be sure you have the lever going the right way so if you turn it one way for on and one way for off. The pull-chain valve I bought works either way pulling up or down and rests in the middle for off. If it is the kind that turns one way for on and way way for off you might want to make sure you have it the correct way and on the side you want it on, too. It's mostly preference on that.
  • Then attach the upper pipe to the other end of the water valve and turn to make a tight seal. Again, use wrench if needed.
  • Now to the bottom pipe end attach the coupling and then the hose bib. Tighten as tight as you can get them. Especially the hose bib. (they tend to leak if not tightened good). The hose bib is what you attach your garden hose to.

  • Now we will work on the top part of the shower. Attach one of the 90° elbows to the pipe. Then attach the longer of the two pipe nipples to the elbow. As usual turn as tight as you can get it, but also so that the elbow is facing straight out (this is important!) away from the water valve so that the shower head is centered and out in "front" of the shower unit. If it is not completely tight, but you have it straight out in front like it should be it will be ok because you put seal tape on the threads.
  • Attach the other 90° elbow.
  • Attach the smaller pipe nipple.
  • Last, attach shower head to other end of pipe nipple

Now assembly is all done. Be sure shower head is positioned straight and water valve as well and you will be ready to attach the shower to post or wall.

  • Attach shower using pipe straps and screws. It is good to place a pipe strap at each joint. I put a pipe strap above and below the water valve at connections (see pic) since there will be a lot of pulling on this part with the water valve. I used 4 straps total.
  • Last, attach your garden hose to the coupling at the bottom and tighten as tight as possible. Then turn on the spigot and give your shower a try!

Thanks Karol! This is such a great idea! I'm forwarding it to my mom. I think it's a great idea for her patio/pool!

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