Monday, May 2, 2011

Pater Cotiere

This information was in an email I received and I wanted to share with you: is a new company that is just getting started. They have been doing a beta for the past month and are getting ready to do a live launch and open house on May 4th. During the open house, they're letting everyone who completes a project in their cart get a $40 credit.  You only pay for shipping and can use it for anything.  Only people with Paper Coterie accounts get an invitation.  They’re doing some pretty amazing things.  This is a great Mother's Day gift idea!  Here are some of their products.  I love making photo books online and the selection is so cute!


On May 4th they are going to be sending out the 40 dollar credit and doing a few extra promos that day - get signed up in order to get the credit!  :) Enjoy!