Thursday, July 7, 2011

DIY at His & Hers

Meet and give a warm DIY happy welcome to Erin & Rick from

His & Hers
I love Erin's creativity and DIY.  Check out her awesome pegboard art, inspired by a trip to the basement...

See the awesome desk below?   It's made from mostly wood found around their house! There's an awesome tutorial for it too!  His & Hers DIY Desk Tutorial
It's all awesome!  Love those chairs and art against the dark wall too! 

They've also made a custom ottoman as shown below in the living room before/after shots:

There's lots more to see! 

See their HOME, their PROJECTS and their next DIY project along with her cute and funny writing style.
A few of my favorites:


Thanks for sharing your beautiful transformations and DIY, Erin!