Friday, April 29, 2011

Creative DIY at "It's Nothing A Little Paint Can't Fix"

Meet:  Gloria. Her blog name is a DIY girl's mantra! Right?!

"Hi! I'm Gloria and started blogging in January. It's been an awesome push to get projects done, there is ALWAYS something to do! I love your blog so much! I've found so much inspiration on here and hope maybe some others can find some from my work too!"

Gloria likes Shiny Things (me too!)...a sparkly crystal handle holder:

Becomes a pretty hallway light.  Easy. DIY. Glam. (Yes I did just jump out of my chair to see if my candle holder would work as a light cover!)

Love the stripes too!

And speaking of GLAM!  This was Gloria's closet before...
Dreamy after!  (See more pictures of her glamorous organization at "Closets are Rooms Too")...

And speaking of organization, that leads to the transformation story of this monster...
 big and beautiful

Stylish Craft Organization:
 More pictures and details here.

Hi Gloria!  Welcome to blogging!  Thanks so much for sharing your DIY creativity!  I love what you've done and I look forward to seeing more!
Want to "meet" Gloria too?  You can find her at 

You'll be able to see....
pretty pictures
 inspiring decorating
a beautiful home tour and before/after projects with more on the way - hurray!
awesome DIY

Tell her I said "helloooooo"!

Enjoy the weekend!