Monday, May 10, 2010

Modern Home Appliances

Modern Furniture Blogs - Milan Design Week 2010 a project called ‘Smart-ologic Corian® Living’ was presented. It’s done by canadian designer Karim Rashid and happened to be a modular sustainable home design concept. The interior of this home has a futuristic look, soft organic shapes of walls and furniture, and modern appliances. It includes a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and a living room. The photovoltaic modules of DuPont, integrated into the roof, create environmentally-sustainable energy. All the lighting is LED for efficiency and low energy consumption and the radiant floors are powered by solar generated energy. There is also an outdoor seating, called the “Eko bench”, that has an automatic system for the collection of rain water used to self-water the green mantle of grass planted into one of the seat’s undulating curves. Probably that concept is the next step in the world of modern design and modular construction.